Youth; It is always beautiful to us with its association of health, vitality and a fit body. So can we stay young by getting older? It is in our hands to increase the production and reduce the destruction in the working functions of our body. That’s why I always tell my patients that we don’t have a youth elixir, if we have it, we have it.

Youth is valuable for the protection and maintenance of holistic health.

1) You should consume 2.5 liters of water per day. Water is an indispensable component for the healthy functioning of all organs and tissues. Individuals who do not have the habit of consuming water can increase their water consumption by adding cinnamon sticks, apple slices or lemon slices into their water. Or you can set up an alarm on your phones once an hour to make water consumption a habit. It should not be forgotten that all behaviors are done easily after they become a habit.

2) If there is no restriction on your movement, you can take at least 6000 steps every day. Regular walking and spending the day active will ensure our blood flow, accelerate your heart rhythm and give the body the command to work.

3) You can choose tea groups with high antioxidant capacity such as green tea or white tea every day. Antioxidants protect cells from free radicals and support the aging of cells.

4) Foods containing trans fat should be avoided. Trans fat, which is consumed in large amounts with ready-made foods, causes the formation of excess adipose tissue in your body. Excess weight is always a burden on the body. Trass oil, which is mostly found in fast foods, is found in our diet with hamburgers, pastries, unwrapped, packaged foods. Instead of these, home-cooked vegetables or sandwiches with olive oil should be preferred.

5) Daily needed protein should be taken. The quality of the protein we take is also important. Eggs, legumes, calcium storage milk group and grilled meat/chicken/fish are high quality protein sources. It is very important to distribute the protein groups to the meals in a balanced way in order to benefit from the protein in the most efficient way.

6) Live a more stress-free life or seek help from experts in managing your stress. Although every one of you has stress in his life, stress that is not properly managed or constantly exposed can damage the body like a radical. At this point, you can meditate, consume soothing herbal teas with chamomile or jasmine tea, or get help from an expert.

7) The intake of macro and micro nutrients needed daily is very important for the healthy functioning of the body. Follow nutritious nutrition programs with high vitamin and mineral value.

8) The additives and preservatives we get from packaged foods are a hindrance to the protection of youth. Instead of packaged foods for snacks, turn to fresh fruits with low sugar content such as apples and pears, natural sources such as milk and kefir with high calcium content, or consumption of walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts from healthy vegetable oils.

9) In addition to all these, doing activities that will make you happy and shaping your life according to the age group you feel is your best youth elixir.