individual consultations

Medical Nutrition Therapy in Diseases

PCos/ Diabetes/ Hypertension/ High Blood Fats -cholesterol, high triglyceride-/Gestational Diabetes/Insulin Resistance/
  • Nutrition education about the disease
  • Medical nutrition program tailored for you
  • Mixtures to reduce the course of diseases and to support treatment.

Price: 70€

Nutritional Counseling for Athletes:

As a licensed figure skating coach, I witnessed the impact and importance of sports on nutrition during my years of working with athletes. And now, I see the positive effect of healthy eating with my athletes in different countries from my athletes.
  • Diet with calculated protein and calories suitable for sports performance
  • Recipes to increase sports performance
  • Weight gain-weight loss in athletes

Single session: 75€
Monthly Consulting: 150€

One Session of Nutritional Counseling

  • Detailed nutrition education
  • Personal Nutrition Program

Price: 75€

1 month online nutrition consultancy

The 1-month nutritional counseling includes:
  • Motivation to eat healthy, organize life and take a step on this path
  • Creation of nutrition plan with 1 introductory session +3 control sessions
  • 2 different diet lists
  • Nutrition education
  • 4 Video calls
  • 4 Different personalized diet lists
  • Unlimited Whatsapp support -Following calls-messages
  • Different recipes, fit tastes

Price: 100€