I was quite overweight for a long part of my life and about 3 months ago I realized that these weights negatively affect my psychological and physical health. I met Ms. Buse from the lessons I took at the Icetanbul ice rink, she is a selfless and loving person who supports me in many ways. On September 14, 2020, when I felt ready, I requested support from him. He was with me with all his devotion, and patiently taught me what it means to live a healthy life and the relationship between nutrition and nutrition, without ever going hungry, like a teacher. Now I know very well what I should eat and when. I lost 13 kg without feeling that I was on a diet with amazing recipes. I am much happier now. I have made this pandemic process very enjoyable for myself by experiencing the awareness of sports and healthy life. While doing this, I would like to thank Ms. Buse, who was always with me and supported me 24/7, for her patience, tolerance and understanding.
Ece Özçelik

Age 17 / Student /TURKEY