With the arrival of the summer months and the heat, our tendency to cold drinks has increased, but cold drinks that are consumed in large quantities increase the calories of your diet with the sugar they bring, and seriously reduce water consumption. We take 8-10 cubes of sugar from 1 glass of carbonated beverage and 6 cubes of sugar from 1 glass of ready-made cold tea in a format that can be digested very quickly. It is possible to make healthy and much lower calorie cold drinks, which are not very supportive of nutritionists, at home, because they increase our sugar quickly, are preferred instead of water and have high calories.
What are the low-calorie and nutritious snack alternatives that will refresh us in the summer?

1) Iced mint buttermilk

Ayran is very nutritious with its protein and calcium content. A mint and iced buttermilk cools us down in the hot summer heat, and 1 glass of iced buttermilk is only 80 calories.

2) Homemade Lemonade

Lemonades with added sugar syrup or too much sugar cause you to take in too many calories. Instead, you can make your own low-sugar vitamin C store lemonade at home. Moreover, the vitamin C from lemon will help you maintain your energy throughout the day.
After freezing 2 lemons and 5 strawberries, they should be passed through a blender. Then mix 1 tbsp of honey dissolved in 1 glass of warm water with the blender mixture and let it sit for 3 hours, then crush and strain it through a cheesecloth to release its aromas. You can consume it by putting mint leaves in it.

3) Homemade edema

reliever cold teas
We all love teas that warm us up in the winter months, but we need drinks that will cool us down more in the summer. After brewing 1 bag of green tea with jasmine in ½ cup of hot water for 3 minutes, you can serve it by adding plenty of ice cold water and lemon slices. This drink, which is close to zero calories, is also a rich source of antioxidants, has edema-suppressing properties and contains vitamin C.

4)Cold Basil Sherbet

I have a low sugar pink drink recipe that especially children love. 1.5 bunch basil, 2 sticks of cinnamon, juice of half a lemon, 1.5 liters of hot water 4 tbsp granulated sugar in a jug for 30 minutes, then filter it and put it in the refrigerator. After cooling, you can serve mint leaves with plenty of ice.

Although cold drinks often seem innocent, carbonated/cold drinks that are consumed too much during the day are serious sources of calories and sugar. At this point, the best thing to do is to drink water instead of packaged drinks to replace the water lost with lots of sweat. In addition, we talked about some alternative healthy cold drink sources that can be consumed, see you in the next article, stay healthy….