Hello, I’m Dietitian Buse. I am here to ensure that healthy nutrition can be included in your life in a sustainable, enjoyable and healthy way from every point of view.
My interest in healthy eating started when I took figure skating training at the age of 10. My interest and interest in sports has increased day by day. While actively continuing my education in the synchronized ice skating team, I also improved myself in the fields of volleyball, basketball and dance. As I spent more than 10 years as an active athlete, I received my figure skating coaching certificate, and my connection with healthy eating became stronger. As a result of this interest, I graduated from the department of nutrition and dietetics. Right after my graduation, I worked at Biruni University Hospital in order to carry out the nutritional processes of patients after bariatric surgery in a healthy way and gave personalized nutrition counseling in this process. I am currently actively accepting patients at the Reyap hospital branch. Thousands of patients whose lives I touched throughout this process increased my love for my profession and my desire to touch the lives of more patients by providing counseling all over the world. And here I am…
Our goals with this nutrition consultancy; The fact that you can easily reach your dietitian wherever you are, advance the process with a nutritionist who constantly motivates and controls you, and that you can do your sessions in any condition and place. Your diet lists are created entirely according to your personal wishes and are completed with individual calculations and online interviews. We set out with the dream of having a body where every individual feels great, and are you ready to be our next success?
Dietitian Buse Özdemir